E-3PO: The Rude Protocol Droid

The moment in The Empire Strikes Back is brief but memorable, a short exchange between protocol droids. Having just landed on Cloud City, and meeting Lando Calrissian for the first time, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and C-3PO follow Calrissian through the halls of the atmospheric metropolis. As they all turn a corner, a door on the right opens and standing before C-3PO is a droid that looks similar to him, another protocol droid: E-3PO (first identified by name in the Star Wars Customizable Card Game). Their conversation goes like this…

C-3PO: “Oh, nice to see a familiar face.”
E-3PO: “E chu ta.”
C-3PO: “How rude!”

And, yeah, that’s it. Like I said, the moment is brief, and as E-3PO walks-off, C-3PO goes on to get himself shot by stormtroopers. Where E-3PO goes once exiting the scene is unknown, this short appearance and one-liner being it’s singular moment to shine in the film, doing so by jumping on the C-3PO insult wagon. It is worth remembering that up to this point in The Empire Strikes Back, our favorite protocol droid has been the butt of a number of jokes in the movie, primarily due to his penchant for annoying those around him…especially Han Solo. I won’t list these moments as you should be familiar with them (if not, go watch the movie?), but with these moments in mind we can all pretty easily understand why C-3PO, when he literally comes face-to-face with another protocol droid, would say it is “nice to see a familiar face.” That E-3PO instead reacts by being rude is just fantaaaaaaaastic, a sign that C-3PO doesn’t just annoy his human allies, but instantaneously annoys other droids just by speaking.¬†

But what does this Huttese phrase which E-3PO levels, “E chu ta“, actually mean? More importantly, does it even matter? The basic fact is that it is clearly an insult, a form of Huttese curse, and it works even better without knowing what it “officially” means. The imagination is more than capable of filling in the blank. And since that’s the case, I will just offer what I like to believe the “rude” E-3PO is saying…

C-3PO: “Oh, nice to see a familiar face.”
E-3PO: “Eat shit.”
C-3PO: “How rude!”

You gotta admit that “E chu ta” does kinda sound like “Eat shit.” ūüėČ

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The Imperial Talker Presents: Hutt Week

Welcome to Hutt Week, Pedunkee Mufkin!!!

After the success of Ewok Week, I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before I switched things up once again and dedicated another week to a species in the Star Wars galaxy. Welp, that week has finally arrived.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Hutt Week. For the entire week, my focus¬†will be on the slimy pieces of worm-ridden filth that dominate the criminal underworld in the Star Wars galaxy. Naturally, Jabba the Hutt (pictured above) will be our mascot for the week, but he isn’t the only Hutt who will be profiled or discussed.¬†As the week progresses, I will be sharing a number of wide-ranging posts I have written on the Hutts, but also have some¬†exciting contributions from fans of Star Wars/The Imperial Talker to share with y’all as well. And, if you haven’t contributed some Fan Art or a Hutt Haiku but would like to do so,¬†feel free to contact me!

Hutt Week in Huttese
“Hutt Week” in Huttese

Ultimately, you should think of Hutt Week as an open forum, an opportunity to engage with not just my thoughts on the Hutts, but to share your own with the Star Wars community. I encourage and invite you to comment on the posts, to send me your #HuttWeek thoughts on Twitter and/or Facebook, and if nothing else, to just kick back and have fun thinking about the Hutts for an entire week.

Oh, and while you kick back, be sure to¬†enjoy the theme song for Hutt Week –¬†Jabba Flow.¬†

Enjoy Hutt Week and May the Force be with You!

Jeff ‚Äď The Imperial Talker

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