Asajj Ventress

Haikuesday: Bounty Hunters

Just doing his job.
Greedo confronts Han Solo
but doesn’t shoot first.

Everyone’s favorite:
Boba Fett intimidates…
…but not as a kid.

Trandoshan Hunter.
Bossk’s name literally means
“Devours his prey”

Droid 4-LOM
partners with the Gand Zuckuss.
Their ship: Mist Hunter.

The droid’s remains are in the
Cloud City junk room.

Easy to forget
that Asajj Ventress became
a bounty hunter.

Mercurial Swift:
Known for speed, agility,
and being “real dumb.”

Ketsu Onyo, Sabine Wren.
Partners for a time.

“I killed Obi-Wan…”
The “Marksman of Concord Dawn.”
Name: Rako Hardeen.

Template for the clones.
Jango Fett, second to none…
…except Mace Windu.

Cunning Kyuzo.
Embo holds his own against
all manner of foe.

Seleno Chandro.
Appears in Episode IX
and flies a D-Wing.

Australian Accent?
Or could it be New Zealand?
Someone ask Dengar.

Living by a code.
Djarin’s professional life
is complicated.

We should get more of
C-21 Highsinger.
I just like his name.

Hired by Malak.
Calo Nord tracks Bastilla.
But Revan kills him.

Jas Emari’s crew:
Jeeta, Embo, and Dengar.
They all turn on Swift.

Haiku Addendum:
Her crew should appear in The

Onca, Bulduga.
The Ithorian brothers
die on Serreno.

He’ll take any job…
…if it is for the right price.
Infamous Cad Bane.

Have you realized that
Bane’s story is unfinished?
What happened to him?

Frenk bounty hunter
Rumi Paramita dies
fighting Hondo’s gang.

A famous Selkath.
Mantu enters “The Box” but
he does not survive.

Clawdite shape-shifter,
bounty hunter, assassin.
But Zam Wesell fails.

Hunter middle-man:
Greef Karga operates on
the world Nevarro.

Guarding Gardulla,
Sugi goes toe-to-toe with
the Sith Lord named Maul.

An expert sniper.
Palliduvan Aurra Sing.
She’s killed by Beckett.

“…fulfilling my base function.”
“To nurse and protect.”

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Talzin!!!

Since today is Mother’s Day, I decided we should all take a moment to remember a very special mother in the Star Wars universe: Mother Talzin.

Mother Talzin with Savage Oppress Photo Credit - Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3, Episode 13

Mother Talzin with Savage Opress
Photo Credit – Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3, Episode 13

Some of you probably know who she is, but for those of you who don’t, here is just a little snippet about about her.

Appearing in The Clone Wars animated series and the Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir comic series, Mother Talzin is the leader of the Nightsisters, a mysterious sect that utilized dark magicks and exerted control over the planet Dathomir. Mother Talzin aided Nightsister Asajj Ventress in a quest for revenge against the Separatist leader Count Dooku whom Ventress served before he betrayed her. She also used her magicks to transform the Nightbrother Savage Opress into a vicious and cunning warrior. Guiding Opress in his search for his long-lost brother, the Sith warrior Darth Maul, Mother Talzin healed Maul’s mental wounds, and provided Maul and Opress with support as they unleashed their reign of terror on the galaxy.

The Cover Art for Star Wars: Son of Dathomir, Issue # 4 Photo Credit - Dark Horse Comics/Lucas Books

The Cover Art for Star Wars: Son of Dathomir, Issue # 4
Photo Credit – Dark Horse Comics/Lucas Books

Oh, and by the way, Mother Talzin is actually Darth Maul’s mom!

So Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Talzin!!! Your son might be a rage-filled Sith, but you are still his mommy.