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Ranging from general musings to in-depth analysis, The Imperial Talker is a site devoted to the exploration of the Star Wars universe in fun, intellectual, and unique ways.


The Imperial Talker

Jeffrey Cagle holds a BA in Religious Studies from Mercyhurst College and a Masters degree in Theological Studies from Vanderbilt Divinity School. Previously, Jeff has worked as an adjunct professor of Religious Studies at Penn State University and Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA, and worked as a volunteer in AmeriCorps in both Pennsylvania and Tennessee. He currently works with middle school and high school students in Northern Virginia where he also coaches volleyball.

A lifelong fan of everything Star Wars, Jeff enjoys combining his academic interests, which are many, with his love of the “galaxy far, far away.” His idea to create The Imperial Talker was born from his previous work bridging these two areas of his life.

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Site Disclaimer: The Imperial Talker encourages comments/feedback from all readers. However, personal attacks and insults will not be tolerated, and commenters will be banned from future feedback if this policy is violated.

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  1. Interesting…I like this site because it’s aesthetically appealing. Too many fan sites look cluttered and messy; yours doesn’t. Nice thought-provoking content! The articles are very very long though…


    1. Thanks for the compliment. The aesthetic credit really goes to my sister who helped design it. She is good with those sorta things. As for the length of the articles, I write for my own gratification first and foremost. I cannot control whether people choose to read to the end of my lengthy pieces. Instead, I simply write what I feel I must and leave the rest to fate.


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