Haikuesday: Xim the Despot

A long time ago
there was a Despot named Xim.
This is his story…

The Tion Cluster.
Xim’s birth place, planet Argai.
Son of pirate-king.

The pirate-king Xer.
Raiding, conquering Tion.
Slaughtering as well.

The Kingdom of Cron.
Xim’s brutality unleashed
in a noble “Sweep.”

The Livien League
checks the forces of Xer.
Xim smashes the League.

Expansionist Xim,
the Tionese Empire
grows under his rule.

The Despot’s army –
children trained for life of war.
Janissary troops.

Xim’s elite soldiers:
Duinarbulon Star Lancers.
Glossy, black armor.

Famous war robots
Reserved as shock troops and guards.
Tough and effective.

Robots with the Force?
The Crimson Condottieri;
Rakatan enhanced.

Eibon Scimitar
The first great capital ship.
The Despot’s flagship.

Conquest of riches.
Flaunting his prosperity.
Driven by his greed.

Mytag crystal skull
masthead of Xim the Despot.
A famed artifact.

Haiku Addendum:
the skull, pictured above, can
be seen in Solo.

Planet Desevro –
A statue in Xim’s honor
displays his glory.

Obsessed with the Hutts.
Determined to add their worlds
Xim prepares for war.

Rakatan title:
Daritha, ruler of worlds.
Xim’s grand delusion.

The Xim Wars begin.
Tionese forces invade
the Hutt Empire.

Two great Hutt leaders:
Kossak unites the Hutt clans.
Boonta leads the fight.

On the Hutt frontier,
Xim assaults rich Ko Vari
where Boonta defends

Suicide attacks –
Boonta throws waves of slaves at
Xim’s warships and troops.

Sleheyron failure –
Xim is unable to take
another prized world.

Lured into a trap.
The three battles at Vontor.
Xim will lose them all.

Defeated warships.
The First Battle of Vontor.
A rematch follows.

At Second Vontor,
A ground battle ensues and
Xim is beat again.

A final showdown.
The Third Battle of Vontor.
Xim the Despot’s fall.

Boonta overwhelms
Xim’s forces with hundreds of
thousands of soldiers.

Legendary ship.
Queen of Ranroon flees Vontor
with Xim’s great riches.

Hidden and secured
Location of Xim’s treasures:
The vaults on Dellalt.

Captured in battle.
Paraded through streets in chains.
Xim, Hutt prisoner.

The Despot, long dead,
twenty-five millennia.
His legend endures.

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  1. Is the Boonta Eve Classic in TPM named after Boonta the Hutt?


    This sort of feat is one of many, many reasons why I always tell my students, “Jeff’s forgotten more about Star Wars than I’ll ever know.” Brilliant! Just…brilliant.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Indeed, it’s the same Boonta. Basically the lore is that Boonta had a big celebration the evening before he invaded Moralan (which took place after the Second Battle of Vontor). He gathered everyone around him – slaves, retainers, troops, etc. – and basically said the Hutts will never bow to bipeds. It turned into a Hutt holiday. And the podracing was originally a way that Boonta’s Eve was celebrated on Ko Vari.

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      1. Hey there 🙂 Ah yes, well all star wars is good star wars 😀 Nice to see you back, and yes, thank you all is well at my end, thanks for the well-wishes 🙂


  2. Hi IT,

    Great Star Wars history lesson. Okay so is the Hutt victory where we get Boota Eve from?



    On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 12:25 PM The Imperial Talker wrote:

    > Imperial Talker posted: ” A long time agothere was a Despot named Xim.This > is his story…The Tion Cluster.Xim’s birth place, planet Argai.Son of > pirate-king.The pirate-king Xer.Raiding, conquering Tion.Slaughtering as > well.The Kingdom of Cron.Xim’s brutality unleashedin a noble ” >


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