Talking Star Wars Issue 001

I haven’t had as much time to work on The Imperial Talker over the past month. In large part, this is because my wife and I recently bought a new house and, at the end of July, we moved into it. Moving is always a pain, and it is extra difficult when you also have a toddler AND you have a laundry list of new tasks to complete in a home. As a result, cutting the grass and trimming bushes, among other things, has taken priority not only over this blog, but also over my ability to enjoy Star Wars (and other forms of entertainment). Then again, taking a break from over-indulging in anything, even Star Wars, is not only important but also necessary, an opportunity to reset the mind and brainstorm new ideas. While I have been adapting to a new daily routine, I have been conjuring up thoughts about a slew of topics, some of them having to do with Star Wars and this site. And that takes us to this post.

Vader and Kylo
Grandfather and grandson before the move. They wanted one last look outside.

Basically, I had this idea (one that came to me while engaging in the quasi-religious ritual of cutting the grass) where I would provide a little glimpse of what I have been up to as a Star Wars fan each month. As well, I thought it would be fun to get a little random, offering not only a snapshot of my monthly Star Wars activities but also whatever Star Wars things I feel like sharing. And, of course, the open-ended nature of such a post allows me to take things anywhere I want in a looser fashion than some of my more in-depth posts. Admittedly, while I love thinking/writing about Star Wars on this site doing so can at times be a slog because I am a perfectionist. Before I post anything, I need to be sure it is precisely what I want to say. And, as you can imagine, that can be time consuming AND mentally exhausting. I wouldn’t have it any other way, of course, but a little levity in the form of this new monthly series (and my on-going Haikuesday series) offers opportunities for me to take a step back and not worry about ideas/concepts lining up with academic perfection.

That said, I hope you enjoy this new series – Talking Star Wars – and be sure to leave a comment when you are finished reading.

Watching Star Wars

In the past month I have watched no Star Wars. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Instead, I finally caved and began watching Doctor Who. Until the move I never had any real desire to watch Doctor Who. It sounded interesting but I was otherwise indifferent. Then came the move and a new cable package that includes HBO Max. Since the good Doctor is on HBO Max, and seeing as I need to justify spending $15/month on the service, I said “Okay, let’s do this” and, well, the rest is history. I can’t get enough of it. Sorry Star Wars, but you’ll just have to wait until I am done traveling with The Doctor.

Oh, but I should note that while I have not watched Star Wars over the past month, I have discovered quite a few moments in Doctor Who that I am fairly confident influenced The Clone Wars. Watch Doctor Who Season 1, Episode 2 (“The End of the World”) and then watch The Clone Wars Season 2, Episode 13 (“Voyage of Temptation”). If I’m wrong then I am wrong. But if I am right then I am a flipping genius!!!

A Star Wars Room is Born

After my wife and I bought our new house I had a mini-panic attack over the most ridiculous first world of problems: where the hell was I going to put all of my Star Wars stuff? To solve this non-crisis of consumerism we had a room converted in the house into a collection room with custom shelving where I could display my objects of Star Wars desire. I am still in the process of working on the room, bringing things together and getting everything set up, but I am pleased with how it is coming along and look forward to sharing its evolution as time goes on.

I am incredibly lucky to have the privilege to worry about where I will put my Star Wars “stuff.” I have done well financially to accumulate the Star Wars things I own AND to dedicate a room in my home to the passion I have had since I was a child. With great privilege comes great responsibility, though, and my Star Wars room serves as a constant reminder that I am called to a more important cause, the cause of creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. I am far from perfect in this, but I am never-the-less dedicated to working on behalf of others who are in distress, be it physical, mental/emotional, financial, etc. Fighting on behalf of others, taking on the unjust and corrupt systems that harm and destroy lives, THAT is just one of the many messages message I learned from Star Wars as a child and which has stuck with me to this day. I am privileged to have a room with my Star Wars collection, but grateful for the constant reminder that I must continue to bring positive, progressive change to the world.

Collection Room 2
A small glimpse of my Star Wars room. More pictures to come in the future!

Compassion of the Jedi

Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Jedi’s life.” – Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker (Attack of the Clones)

Please consider donating to Starlight Children’s Foundation, a wonderful organization that specializes in delivering happiness to seriously ill children and their families.

Perfect Star Wars Pet: The Rancor

Star Wars Reading List

Vector Prime – R.A. Salvatore
Dark Tide I: Onslaught – Michael A. Stackpole

I began a re-read of The New Jedi Order at the end of July, just before we moved. It has been a while since I read the entire series, primarily because there are A LOT of books in The New Jedi Order. Reading it is a pretty big time commitment but a worthwhile one. Never-the-less, a re-read was long overdue and since I just finished re-reading the X-Wing series I wanted to stick with some more Expanded Universe stories. Besides, the content Disney is putting out right now just isn’t captivating me the way it did a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I am still enjoying some of it here and there, but as a whole I have found it difficult to get excited about the Disney canon. Alternatively, having grown up living and loving the Expanded Universe, jumping back in made perfect sense. I needed to remind myself that there ARE Star Wars stories that have been around for years and continue to speak to me. I am sure I will jump back into the Disney stuff again, but The New Jedi Order is where I will be living for a while.

A Yuuzhan Vong warrior.
Source: The New Essential Guide
to Alien Species
Artist: William O’Connor

That said, the series is unlike any other in Star Wars because the villains – the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong – challenge the heroes of Star Wars (Luke, Leia, Han, etc…) and the reader in truly unexpected ways. This is no more apparent than in Vector Prime, the first novel in the series, when Chewbacca heroically dies saving Anakin Solo, the youngest child of Han and Leia (I have a post forthcoming about his death). This event sends emotional shockwaves through the book and hangs over the entire series, a constant reminder of just how dangerous the Yuuzhan Vong truly are and that no one, not even the heroes we grew to love in the Original Trilogy, are safe from death.

A Long Time Ago…

…I wrote this post about General Veers. Give it a read!

Freeze Frame

The face Admiral Piett makes when the Millennium Falcon escapes at the end of The Empire Strikes Back is priceless. With Darth Vader killing Admiral Ozzel and Captain Needa earlier in the film, one can certainly understand the look of “Oh shit…” on Piett’s face. That he survives, reappearing in Return of the Jedi and still in command, is quite the surprise!

Three Star Wars Quotes I Really Like

“”He is a wound in the Force, more presence than flesh, and in his wake life dies… sacrificing itself to his hunger.” – Visas Marr describing Darth Nihilus (Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords)

“A communications disruption could mean only one thing: invasion.” – Sio Bibble to Queen Amidala (The Phantom Menace)

“Your reputation precedes you, General. The reputation of a coward, and a murderer.” – Jedi Master Eeth Koth to General Grievous (The Clone Wars Season 2, Episode 9 “Grievous Intrigue”)

Ten Random Star Wars Thoughts

  1. The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite Star Wars movie but A New Hope is the best Star Wars movie.
  2. Darth Caedus would beat Kylo Ren in a lightsaber duel.
  3. Ahsoka lived but she should have died.
  4. That B’omarr Monk in Return of the Jedi is probably wondering why Jabba the Hutt has not returned to the palace yet.
    a. Speaking of Jabba the Hutt, what the hell happened to his son Rotta? Are we just ignoring the fact that Rotta exists in Star Wars? I guess so…
  5. The Rise of Skywalker is a cinematic rip-off of Dark Empire, and Dark Empire is better (and the plot actually makes more sense).
  6. Children’s book idea: One Sith, Two Sith, Red Sith, Blue Sith
    a. “This one has a double-blade, this one took a Jedi braid.”
    b. “Those Jedi Knights are such a blight, they ramble on about the Light.”
    c. “The Rule of Two or just The One? Bane and Krayt could duel for fun.”
    d. I am copywriting this idea 😉
  7. I always screw up the trial on Manaan when I play Knights of the Old Republic even though I have played the game a dozen times.
  8. Zander Freemaker and I have something in common, we both love the N-1 Starfighter.
  9. Whenever I played “Battle of the minefield” in the TIE Fighter computer game I would immediately destroy my wingmen at the outset of the mission before they turned against me. I’d just reduce my speed, line them up in my targeting sights and blast them into oblivion.
    a. The two wingmen end up turning on you a few minutes into the mission. They are loyal to Admiral Harkov who ends up defecting to the Rebellion in this particular mission.
  10. Shmi Skywalker is the most important Skywalker.

Ten Random Non-Star Wars Thoughts

  1. I blame My Comic Relief for getting me hooked on Doctor Who. That show is crazy good. Craaaaaaaaaaaazy good.
    a. Should I just convert The Imperial Talker into The Doctor Talker?
  2. Biden-Harris 2020…need I say more?
  3. I recently re-watched The Lord of the Rings. I still get goosebumps when Éomer leads the Rohirrim charge at the Battle of Helms Deep in The Two Towers.
  4. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is stuck in my head and I blame my son (but I sure do love him).
  5. Black Lives Matter
  6. I wonder if anyone has actually read this far. If so, I am impressed because that means they must really like me or they are just really bored.
  7. Everyone says I should watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. I probably should but since I finally started watching Doctor Who I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.
  8. I think everyone should read Riot Baby by Tochi Onyebuchi. It is a gut-wrenching novel that offers a important perspective on the insidious ways in which systemic racism destroys young black lives.
  9. I can quote most of the movie Gettysburg from memory and the last time I watched it was like 15 years ago.
  10. Did I mention Biden-Harris 2020?

A Star Wars Haiku

Ozzel was murdered
Captain Needa was murdered
Piett got lucky


  1. Congratulations on the new house and I hope your move and settling in goes smoothly. Your Star Wars collection is very impressive. My husband and sons would be envious. Your list of random things alerts me to the fact that you have a whole lot in common with my husband. In addition to being into SW, he is also a massive LOTR fan and a Civil War nerd who has watched the movie Gettysburg very many times. Finally, you should most definitely write that Seuss inspired book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! We are still living out of some boxes but we are finally getting things settled. I have been trying to find time to work in my new room and get it organized. It’s a slow process but a fun one.

      Sounds to me like I would get along with your husband! I had a history teacher in high school who was in Gettsyburg and he has a scene where he dies during Pickett’s Charge. He would make us watch his scene over and over. I actually reenacted the Civil War but was too young to be in the movie at the time. Oh well.

      I may just have to do the Seuss book! I need to find myself a publisher!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi IT,

    That is why we call enjoying multiple fandoms you fandom universe. Sometimes they collide and it’s a sight to see.



    On Sat, Aug 29, 2020 at 6:40 AM The Imperial Talker wrote:

    > > > > > > > Imperial Talker posted: “I haven’t had as much time to work on The > Imperial Talker over the past month. In large part, this is because my wife > and I recently bought a new house and, at the end of July, we moved into > it. Moving is always a pain, and it is extra difficult when you ” > > > >


  3. I read all the way because I really like you AND because I really enjoyed this format! I’m looking forward to future installments. And, unlike most comic series today, I doubt you’ll reset to “#1” before even hitting issue #50 so I’m happy your series has the “001” because it’ll hit #100.

    Also, this series is even better than I dreamed.

    Also, Darth Vader and Kylo Ren looking out your front door is now my favorite picture you’ve ever posted on this site. It’s in the running for my favorite picture ever, too.

    Also, I WILL HAPPILY TAKE THE BLAME FOR PULLING YOU INTO THE DOCTOR’S WORLD!!!! Hahaha, YES. I’ve been waiting for you to join me in my ‘Doctor Who’ love and, now that you have, it’s fantastic! We’re adding regenerations and the TARDIS and sonic screwdrivers and Daleks and Cybermen and Haemovariforms and Krillitanes and so much more to out banter topics :D.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had a feeling you’d enjoy the format. It definitely lines up with the way I think/talk before I refine things with academic nuance. And the reception to it has been even better than I dreamed. I am quite pleased so many people have read it, choosing to willingly engage in my stream-of-Star Wars-consciousness.

      Adding the Vader-Ren pic was a last minute decision. I was looking through the camera roll for a good pic of the SW room, saw it, and decided to throw it in. I think they are quite adorable next to each other. Plus, recall that YOU got me that Kylo Ren. If only I was to receive more giant Star Wars characters…

      …although I have a feeling I will be receiving a lot of Doctor Who stuff, now. Speaking of which, if I don’t end up being gifted a sonic screwdriver I am going to be fuuuuuuuuuuuurious. Just saying.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. That fury would be 1,000% understandable and acceptable. And I think *I* would be a terrible person if I didn’t make sure that eventually happens.

        Also, I always keep my eyes open for giant Star Wars figures but they only make a handful! Don’t people know you’d like a legion of Star Wars toys that your son can command who are HIS ACTUAL HEIGHT?? Siiiiiigh…it seems like a missed opportunity.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey there!!! Long time no see 🙂 I agree with you about moving, I despise moving which is why I haven’t done it in a very long time. I really like this post idea, I seem to be coming across other people’s blog posts and loving their ideas. And then I try to think of how I can mould it into something I can use that is unique. Do you ever get really inspired by blog posts you read? I get quite a lot of blog inspiration from yours, so thank you for that 🙂 Also glad to see you are happy and healthy and your family is also 🙂 AND THE STAR WAR ROOM!!! Awesome 😀


    1. Hey! Long time indeed. As the post details quite well, I have been swamped BUT I am finally finding some time to get back into a normal routine. Just part of the ebb and flow of life.

      I’m happy to hear my site gives you some fun inspiration. I have definitely been inspired by other sites, including your own, and things I am coming across in general. To me that is normal, finding one drawn to something and than wanting to explore it further. Part of human curiosity and the desire to spread some love/joy (at least, that is my motivation).

      That being said, I have a backlog of your posts I need to go through and read/comment on now that I am on the other side of unpacking boxes (although we still have quite a few to get through).

      Btw, hope you are well and healthy, too. I saw that New Zealand had a little uptick in Covid. Our idiot President decided to act like it was proof the people of NZ failed in handling the virus but believe me when I say that I would LOVE to have your Prime Minister leading the way on the pandemic in our country. I am sooooooo disgusted by our leadership and it is really great/refreshing to see a nation like yours that is being led by someone competent and willing to operate in reality.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I am glad all is well and you’re slowly getting back to a routine again as I have missed your posts 🙂 And yeah, there will be a backlog lol as I post daily now which I started doing several months ago. So far so good. I am enjoying the challenge of finding new and intereting topics to discuss but thankfully, Star Wars is a HUGE topic and there are so many things to talk about 🙂

        Regarding our Prime Minister – yeah she seems to be doing a pretty great job. It must be one of the biggest challenges a leader has to face if not THE biggest. And she has certainly come out on top as far as I know. While I purposefully do not follow politics, I know that she is doing a great job of keeping New Zealand (mostly) on top of the virus. I did have some struggles with my anxiety when it was announced that it had returned. But writing is one of the ways I get through that which is why I started sticking to a writing schedule. Thanks for the compliments. I am pretty happy and proud to be a Kiwi when I know your country and many others are not doing so well. I wonder how all those people that voted Trump in are feeling now?

        Apparently, Trump called New Zealand a “hellhole” so now everyone on social media in New Zealand uses that hashtag to show how much New Zealand is anything but a hellhole lol. I did find that really amusing 😀


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