Trailers for The Rise of Skywalker



  1. Hi IT,

    Listen to the closing music and tell me if you don’t hear Kylo Ren’s theme song highlighted and slightly more heroic sounding. Either that is a clue or a red herring. I think he is the Skywalker.


    On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 11:08 AM The Imperial Talker wrote:

    > Imperial Talker posted: “ As more trailers > are revealed I will add them to this post. For now, enjoy the teaser and > leave a comment with your thoughts about it!” >

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    1. My general rule is to never trust JJ Abrams. He is a master of misdirection. There is definitely four notes there from Ren’s “Theme” (he doesn’t have an official theme on any of the soundtracks), but I am not sure the notes are enough for me to think he is the one who is “rising.” In fact, I am of the general opinion that the term “Skywalker” is not referring to an individual so much as a group, a new Order of some type. But who knows? Suppose we just have to wait for the movie to see what happens.

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      1. Yes, I told my other podcasters that idea and they were skeptical. But really Luke did set in motion a new movement so why not rename it after him. That term was one Lucas loved as the theme of the saga anyway. Cool, I am not alone on this.

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      2. I get the impression that many people have this same theory, albeit in some different forms. I like the idea of “Skywalker” being a new order and members taking the name as their own last name. But then again, who knows. It is all speculation.

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  2. The trailer looks promising! I’ve liked the direction JJ has taken with the Star Trek movies, plus I liked what he did with The Force Awakens, so I’m hoping there is some course correction with this film. I’m nervous about how Leia’s arc will be wrapped up, and I’m guessing we will never know what had originally been in store for a possible Leia & Kyle reunion.

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