Haikuesday: Ryloth

The Planet Ryloth,
home to the Twi’lek species;
head-tailed humanoids.

I can’t help but feel
calling Twi’leks “tail-heads” is
really offensive.

An Outer Rim world,
a jump past Dalchon on the
Corellian Run.

Haiku Addendum:
I hereby re-canonize
the planet Dalchon.

Death Wind Corridor,
lane through The Cloak of the Sith
from Ryloth to Roon.

Sith academy
run by a Dark Brotherhood,
training assassins.

Twi’lek New’arForrth
Nercathi Clan leader and
Ryloth’s Jedi Lord.

Floating Rock Gardens:
suspended stones and boulders
wind swept into air.

Kala’uun city,
subterranean metro
in Lonely Five Range.

The Lonely Five Range,
like other mountain ranges…
…but it’s on Ryloth.

Tulara Ravine.
It’s like all other ravines…
…but it’s on Ryloth.

Jixuan desert.
It’s like all other deserts…
…but it’s on Ryloth.

Dry, rocky planet.
Half sun-scorched, half dark and cold.
What a place to live!

Run from a heat storm?
Folly to even try says
Jedi Doneeta.

The Twi’lek Jedi
stands firm to battle the storm.
Scarred in victory.

Terrifying beast,
the fearsome lylek roams the
landscape of Ryloth.

Attention tourists!
Beware Ryloth’s pack hunters,
the deadly Gutkurrs.

Scarce in resources,
pillaged by Niktos and Hutts.
But Ryloth persists.

Like the world Kessel,
Ryloth is central to the
galactic spice trade.

Ryloth’s famed spice: ryll.
First discovered on the world.
Used in Krytos cure.

Sacred Twi’lek art.
The kalikori depicts
family and folklore.

Clone Wars battleground.
Invaded near wars outset
by the C.I.S.

Jedi Compassion
Master Di fights to the death
so Twi’leks can live.

Capital: Lessu
Captured by C.I.S. droids;
Wat Tambor in charge.

Storm over Ryloth.
Seppies blockade the planet
but Tano breaks through. 

She looked up and saw
Republic ships descending.
Hera Syndulla.

Over Tann Province
an intense battle rages,
a Y-Wing crashes.

In Nabat village
Clone brothers protect a young
Twi’lek girl: Numa.

Led by Kenobi,
212th Battalion
liberates Nabat.

Windu, with Lightning,
advances on Lessu, seeks
Cham Syndulla’s help.

Two-legged species,
Blurggs are used as mounts by the
Twi’lek Resistance.

Star Wars Trivia:
In The Battle for Endor
Blurggs did first appear.

Immortalized in
song – The Hammer of Ryloth.
Battle of Lessu.

Defeat at Ryloth!
The Grand Army suffers a
strategic setback.

Haiku Addendum:
Catalyst establishes 
this Clone Wars defeat.

Moff Delian Mors,
Imperial Govenor.
A ryll spice addict.

Inbound for Ryloth
the ISD Perilous
carries two Sith Lords.

In Lessu’s “Hole”
Isval goes on the hunt for
Imperial prey.

In Drua’s village
a Master and Apprentice
unleash their fury.

Numa, Gobi, Cham.
Twi’lek freedom fighters work
to free their homeworld.

Quasar fed Bombers
descend and reign terror on
Twi’lek innocents.

Yendor and others
come out of the caves and find
Ryloth is now theirs.

Haiku Addendum:
Yendor should be on Naboo,
not on his homeworld.

Fallen Empire.
A New Republic Rises.
Ryloth rules itself.

New Republic world
in Expanded Universe.
A Remnant world, too.

Noola Tarkana
Anti-human firebrand
seizes Ryloth control.

An Emissary
named Yendor speaks to a New
Republic Senate.

Leia, Senator.
The royal politician
travels to Ryloth.

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  1. Can I say “slug-heads”?? Lol, but I do love this. Twi’leks have always been my favorite species in the Star Wars universe, though the women were almost always naked. Even Aayla wasn’t completely clothed. It seems like they made to rectify that with Hera and went the opposite direction and covered every party of her body lol.

    And Blurrgs! I forgot about Blurrgs! I should do another watch through of TCW. It’s been a while.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve always been a little uncomfortable with the way Twi’lek women are sexualized in SW and how that sexualization has been normalized. I would suppose a lot of it stems from the fact that the first Twi’lek female we meet is a slave, and given the way she is dressed and dances we can conclude that she is most likely a sex slave. That Hera is completely clothed is outside the norm (older Numa is adequately clothed as well), a stark contrast to the way Twi’lek slaves are dressed and Aayla is dressed. In fact, it is absurd and telling that Aayla is dressed as she is while many (though certainly not all) of her male counterparts wear body armor.


      1. I wrote a whole blog post about 3 years ago on Twi’leks and the sexualization for them. And then I started looking at search terms and how ppl were finding my blog…and let’s just say…there are a lot of people with interesting fantasies out there. So I deleted the entire post.

        Yeah, Lucas had a thing for dressing female Twi’leks in very little clothing. Aayla didn’t make sense at all. She had to have been cold sometimes haha. Maybe Hera knew the stereotype of her female counterparts and sought to rectify that.


      2. I’ve thought about doing a similar post on the topic. It’s too bad you don’t have yours up anymore, I’d have enjoyed hearing more of your thoughts. That said, I can only imagine the types of searches that brought people to your site. I’m sure if I do my own piece on the topic I’ll end up experiencing something similar.


      3. Yeah it really made me uncomfortable. I mean, I’m sure they were in for a disappointment once they clicked the blog post but it got to the point where so many of my clicks and traffic were from those terms and it was skewing everything that I deleted the entire post.

        But I wrote a lot about sex, women, feminism, personal situations, etc…so maybe if you stay clear of sex and only focus on sexualization, you’ll be better off.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I’ll keep that in mind as I keep thinking about the topic. Perhaps when I get around to writing it I will send it your way first for additional thoughts before posting. With a topic like that I definitely like having lots of eyes on what I write before I hit the publish button.


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