Trailers for The Old Republic

While I have only played The Old Republic MMO sporadically, I have never-the-less been stunned by the incredible cinematic trailers that have accompanied the game. So, I decided to collect them all into one spot so people could watch them without needing to do much searching. Enjoy!


  1. YES! You know I am waaay behind on the video gamin’ world (pretty much ever since Mario and Sonic stopped jumping on or over every obstacle as they ran in one direction to the finish line) but I’m still intrigued by this part of Star Wars. I will be watching these often. Huzzah!

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  2. The Star Wars universe has always been very active in the gaming world, but the quality of the games have run the gamut of too difficult to too easy. I always struggled with the page with the Knights of the Old Republic original X Box game. These videos (and graphics) are very impressive.

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