Hutt Week: A Conclusion

At the end of my first full-week dedicated to a Star Wars species – Ewok Week – I expressed that I felt a twinge of sadness as the week came to a close. I spent so much time preparing for Ewok Week, when the Week finally arrived, it seemed to fly-by in what felt like only a moment.

Well, as one can imagine, I am equally sad that Hutt Week must come to an end. I prepared for Hutt Week more than Ewok Week, in large part because I knew what I was doing this time around, and was eager to share what I had written and the contributions I was receiving. Of course, I didn’t write all of the posts I had been hoping to write, such as one on Grakkus the Hutt, a Hutt with an intriguing fascination in Jedi lore. Nor did I write a post on the “Huttslayer,” Princess Leia, in large part because I just didn’t have enough time (although I was able to work her into a post). Then again, just because Hutt Week is ending doesn’t mean I will be ignoring the Hutts in the future, or those other posts won’t ever be written. The week might end but the Hutts will always be an indelible part of the Star Wars universe, continuing to captivate us through their selfishness, lust for money/power, and nefarious criminal deeds. You can rest assured knowing that the Hutts WILL be appearing in more posts on this site; that is a guarantee I can promise.

Hutt Week in Aurebesh

“Hutt Week” in Aurebesh

I would be remiss, though, if I failed to thank all of you for sharing in the Hutt Week fun with me, especially those of you who contributed. Whether you submitted a haiku, fan art, a post of your own, or you just took the time to write a comment or send me a message on Twitter/Facebook, I want to say THANK YOU!!!! While I love writing about the universe that captured my imagination as a child, and continues to capture it today, none of what I do on this site would be possible or meaningful without YOU. I appreciate each of you for enjoying what I do and for supporting me, but I equally appreciate you all for sharing your own love of Star Wars with me, even in the smallest of ways.

And so, as Hutt Week concludes and we turn to other Star Wars fun – on this blog and elsewhere – take solace in knowing that another week of awesomeness is already in the works. While I cannot officially say when the week will take place, I can tell you this – I already know which species I will be focusing on. In fact, I had considered not sharing the choice with you all, at least not yet, but I cannot contain the excitement, especially when I already have a post in the works for it (I am nothing if not a planner). So, without further adieu, the next week will be devoted to the “walking carpets” of the the Star Wars universe, the Wookiees.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, start preparing your haiku poems, your art work, and your other contributions – Wookiee Week is just over the horizon!

For now, I thank you all once again for helping to make Hutt Week a success, and I look forward to sharing my love of Star Wars with you in the weeks, months, and years ahead. 

Jeff – The Imperial Talker

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