Special Announcement: Hutt Week (June 6-10, 2016)

H’chu apenkee!

In early June, I’m gonna change things up once again and, just as I did for Ewok Week, spend a week focusing on a species in the Star Wars galaxy. This time we’ll be spending an entire week of awesomeness devoted to the Hutts, those slug-like gangsters that dominate the criminal underground in the Star Wars galaxy!!! Naturally, everyone’s favorite “piece of worm-ridden filth” – Jabba – will be the centerpiece/mascot of the week, but there will also be posts about other Hutts and the role the Hutts play in Star Wars. 

BUT, to pull this off and make Hutt Week a success I will need your help!!! I am looking for:

  • Original Hutt Fan Art that I can post on the site.
  • Hutt Haiku – Write an original Hutt related haiku or two, send it my way, and I’ll post it with others
  • Write a short paragraph about how you feel about Hutts (particularly Jabba the Hutt). Do you love them, hate them, feel neutral towards them? Send me your thoughts and I will post them with other Fan Feelings on the Hutts.
  • Are you a blogger and/or podcaster who wants to get in on the Hutt Week fun? Send me an email and let’s chat!
  • Get it trending on Facebook and Twitter by using #HuttWeek.
  • Have other ideas and suggestions to make Hutt Week a success? Fill me in!

Just like Ewok Week, I want Hutt Week to be not about me, but about you, the fan of The Imperial Talker, enjoying a week of fun devoted to a species in the Star Wars galaxy. So stay tuned for more updates and get ready for Hutt Week: June 6- 10, 2016!

Email: imperialtalker@gmail.com (or go to the Contact Page)

Facebook: The Imperial Talker

Twitter: @imperialtalker

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