Ewok Haiku Poems

I hope you enjoy these Ewok haiku poems submitted by fans of Star Wars and The Imperial Talker. Feel free to email your own Ewok-related haiku if you would like to add to the page!

Ewok, my Ewok
So fuzzy, more than a bear
Toppling Empires

Submitted by: Michael Miller

Furballs on Endor
Little shits, mostly useless
except selling toys

Submitted by: Derek Waddell

Occupied, you resist;
teddy bears armed and lethal.
Brain that Stormtrooper.

“Nanta?” he whispers,
shaking his fallen partner
as walkers advance.

Submitted by: Mark Lockard

Teddy bear? No, no.
Mammaloids, cute and creepy —
They’d make a nice pet.

Submitted by: Anonymous

Ewoks of Endor
In beautiful forest live
Abafar jerky

Submitted by: Tom Cagle

Endor’s Warriors
Saviors of Rebellion
Curious with hats

Small in their stature
Though they will get any job done
Ewoks equal life

C-3PO god?
Captivates them with story
Now time to party

Crafty in forest
They set any trap with logs
Chicken walkers warned

Submitted by: David Miller

Danvay tu kreeth, fruk//
Dee fratta enanah tu//
Ehda chu gooka

Submitted by: Cameron Clark

Yub Yub Yub Yub Yub
Ewoks are ready to fight
Yub Yub Yub Yub Yub

Submitted by: Alicia Cagle

Indigenous forces,
Endor Empire couldn’t hold,
Ewoks saved Rebels.

Submitted by: Dave Suscheck

Poor little Ewok,
Will they ever consider
An Ewok Jedi?

Submitted by: Matthew Baldwin

Fighting for Yub Nub
Ewoks spring a clever trap,
Then feast on the dead

In meadow, Wicket
Skips and picks flowers as his
Village is raided

Submitted by: Jeff Cagle (The Imperial Talker)

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